What is the Harmony (ONE)?
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What is Harmony (One)?
Yield App: User DeFi Bank in Pocket | Human & Machine

What is Harmony (ONE)?

October 25, 2021

Digital assets are essential in the modern world. Many users and investors are already into digital assets because of their benefits and convenience. One of the investors that have found fascination in the digital asset is Tim Frost.

Frost has been interested in digital assets since 2014. At that time, he entered a technology start-up company. He worked as a marketing operation in the Wirex App team in 2015. Within a few months, he was promoted to the management of the founder.

Now Wirex App is a mature digital bank with more than 4 million customers and the world’s largest digital asset debit card company. Tim’s efforts in the early development of the company cannot be denied with what the bank has achieved today.

After this, as decentralized finance (DeFi) entered the public’s field of vision, Frost realized that DeFi already had a complete market and economy. This was when he started the Yield App.

About Yield App

Yield app is a hybrid of wealth management applications that aims to provide people with attractive, borderless money transfer and digital services. In addition, the application aims to help customers earn interest in digital assets in the most straightforward way.

It will only take 2 minutes for the users to register an account, deposit digital asset currency and earn from it.

How to earn income on Yield App

Users earn from passive income. Yield app has arranged a dedicated portfolio management team responsible for providing liquidity and monitoring of investment situations on behalf of the customers 24 hours a day. Through this, companies can make bulk investments, manage a more complex ecosystem and hold different positions. To avoid risks, Frost proposed that Yield App will execute strict audits on its every move in DeFi.

To better understand the customer’s background and establish security and safety, the company has conducted user research, constantly evaluated the target users, and consistently iterated their marketing plans.

How to learn DeFi

DeFi is a fast-growing industry. For beginners, Frost suggests that they invest in reading white papers in the industry to understand DeFi better. He suggested that users can read the white papers released by Aave and Compound. Frost also reminded that DeFi is not for everyone since the technology has no manuals and no customer support. That is why users who are new to the industry must have a clear knowledge about DeFi before engaging in the industry.

Yield app is already preparing a version 2.0 that will provide solid legal currency functions to provide users with a more mature banking experience. The management believes that the value of Yield App is to give services to millions of customers and generate income by helping them invest in digital assets and DeFi.

For now, Yield App has expanded its market to Poland, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, China, and other more regions. The team is also optimistic that the market will reach other countries in the Asian region.

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