What is the Harmony (ONE)?
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What is Harmony (One)?
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What is Harmony (ONE)?

October 21, 2021

Decentralized finance is one of the fastest-growing areas within the digital asset industry. In May 2021, DeFi transactions reached $89 billion, according to DeFi pulse. As a result, companies have emerged to explore the potential of DeFi.

DAOventures is one of the platforms for DeFi that focuses on user experience. It is a smart investment advisor and automated asset management platform. DAOventures aims to help users learn about the DeFi field and assist them in making better decisions in the industry.

Dennis Hui is the platform’s strategist. He leads the DAOventures team in providing financial asset management services to users. With his experience in traditional finance, bitcoin bear market, and bull market, Hui has an advantage in the encryption industry. Through Hui’s research, DAOventures can explore strategies to profit and help investors who have no time to research smart contracts.

Gurujeet Singh is a DeFi analyst in the DAOventures team responsible for targeting the community, Telegram community, and Twitter conducts market hotspot research and feedback to Dennis and supports formulation strategies.

Importance of portfolio strategy

Although Bitcoin investment is already well-known, there are only a few people who actually own BTC. And these BTC owners have not yet explored other platforms such as Ethereum. Moreover, even the few people who started to invest in Ethereum only see it as a passive investment because they have never been exposed to smart contracts. The responsibility of DAOventures is to help BTC novices get in touch with this industry and trust their judgment.

User-friendly smart portfolio

To achieve this goal, the DAOventures team realized that the biggest challenge to face was the DeFi protocol which is confusing and makes it difficult for users to get started. Therefore, the team tried to simplify the entire agreement process and help new users get started and generate income quickly.

In the traditional sense, bond traders will manage the client’s investment funds based on the investment portfolio, but the problem with this type of financial management lies in the risk of asset custody. The standard method to solve this type of problem is to create smart contracts. Through contracts, people can invest without paying the money.

This means that users can interact and approve smart contracts independently. In addition, the platform will be responsible for deploying assets to various revenue-generating platforms and deliver the proceeds to investors and can withdraw at any time during this process.

Advantages of DAOventures

One of the projects that are currently popular in DeFi is the revenue optimizer. This type of optimizer can help users access specific tokens or a single LP. For example, when the user deposits ETH in the revenue optimizer, they can get the maximum benefit that ETH can bring when the user deposits BTC. Singh said that the difference between DAOventures and the profit quantizer is that DAOventures can provide a diversified investment portfolio so that users can access all digital currencies.

The portfolio is volatile, so every time a user’s revenue is balanced, the revenue will increase once. This means users can dynamically balance the benefits that BTC and ETH can bring while maintaining the same amount of positions. In general, this investment portfolio method is a more sustainable investment method than the income optimizer.

Dealing with the rapidly changing DeFi industry

The DeFi industry continues to evolve, and new products are emerging. So how does the DAOventures team ensure that they are not left behind? Singh says that focusing on the details of each product at any time and having an in-depth understanding of the operation process of each project, using a top-down logical perspective for strategy formulation, and capturing the root of things, will make the DAOventures secure in the ever-changing DeFi industry.

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