What is the Harmony (ONE)?
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What is Harmony (One)?
Tokenplace a New Trading Platform | Human & Machine

What is Harmony (ONE)?

October 21, 2021

Tokenplace continues to seek ways to make the platform easier to use and accessible to all types of users who want to enter the cryptocurrency industry.

Tokenplace is a new generation trading platform that offers highly optimized integration of multiple digital assets. Traders can use a unique order splitting algorithm to enhance and cover their transactions and get the best price in the market by connecting all exchange accounts to the Tokenplace terminal.

Nina Knox is the co-founder and CEO of Tokenplace. At the same time, Gleb Sidrokin is the content director of the platform. Both Knox and Sidrokin have deep knowledge and experience in digital asset trading.

Throughout their experiences, they have observed multiple exchanges existing in the industry are causing inefficiency to some traders. This is one of the many issues that Tokeplace wants to solve.

Efficient trading methods

In an interview with humans and machines, Knox said that traders are forced to open multiple accounts because of different quotations and trading pairs. That is why the primary goal of Tokenplace is to provide users with a KYC verified Tokenplace account.

“Tokenplace account allows users to switch and trade in real-time on all exchanges seamlessly,” Knox said. Through this, all exchanges are equal to the back-end engine and are an excellent method for users to have a powerful trading and analysis engine.

At the same time, Tokeplace’s platform also guarantees security by using image logins, Application Programming Interface (API) keys, and fingerprints to protect customer assets from any unsecured access.

User experience centered

Nina Knox believes that Tokenplace is a platform that focuses on two things: easy to operate and to use and helps improve user profitability since the goal of the platform is to achieve the fastest hands-on process.

Traders would only need a window to conveniently trade digital assets, withdraw funds from exchanges, transfer funds to wallets and execute transactions. Tokenplace's terminal provides a green, comprehensive but straightforward toolkit: early warning, analysis, all order types, and everything needed by traders of all experience levels.


In the beta version of the platform Tokenplace Elite, users can connect to more than 30 large exchanges and provide an order splitting algorithm. TP Elite is a subscription service with very high-cost performance. The money saved in a transaction may be worth the monthly fee. Users, however, can access the free version, which includes all basic order types.

The tools and services provided by Tokenplace are accessible to everyone, from novice traders to professional and experienced investors.

“Collectively, I think we are all trying a mass adoption, and I think it’s about two simple things, it’s about education. Second, it’s about providing intuitive solutions and amazing products for an average person, including the ones that never had access to traditional finance,” added Nina Knox.

This will be the first tool to cut across the era of digital asset exchanges and the new generation of digital asset trading tools. Tokenplace Elite is also diversifying the rules of the game in the industry by providing retail traders with intelligent multi-exchange algorithms.

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