What is the Harmony (ONE)?
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What is Harmony (One)?
 Alpha Impact: Democratization of Digital Asset Transactions | Human & Machine

What is Harmony (ONE)?

October 21, 2021

Digital assets are not easy to manage. That is why there are a lot of platforms that offer assistance in managing digital assets. One of the platforms that provide this is Alpha Impact. Alpha impact is a non-custodial social media network designed to help users find trading strategies with different levels of risk, create a beginner-friendly environment and enhance the trading capabilities of the digital asset community by increasing the democratization of digital asset transactions.

Hayden Hughes is the co-founder and CEO of Alpha impact. He studies at New Zealand Law School. But law was not the industry he wanted to engage in, so he started to try the entrepreneurial road. He began to venture into capital, but along the way, he encountered difficulties in managing microfinance. Blockchain became his hope in getting out of the predicament. This is when he began to dig deeper into the blockchain industry and became a blockchain consultant, and thus the Alpha Impact was born.

Connecting users and traders

Hughes began self-learning how to trade digital currencies, considering that beginners will make detours when they first use the blockchain. So he and his co-founder Austin planned to create a social media network for traders to exchange experiences.

Alpha Impact aims to connect user’s Binance accounts or FTX accounts to help users execute transactions. The “non-custodial” feature of Alpha Impact is specifically created to help users find top traders.

Carefully polish the product

Austin, the co-founder, was an engineer in a bank for more than 15 years and was responsible for designing transaction systems. Therefore, the system design of Alpha is designed to be user-friendly. In addition, Austin intricately studied the white paper of each token and user comments on YouTube and Tradingview to improve the services provided by the platform.

At first, the company only focused on repeat customers with the highest return on investment. But they realized that there were individual differences in each user and at the same time observed that the higher the risk, the higher the return. So they thought of scientifically copying transactions using portfolio management to locate target traders based on indicators such as the highest return, trader volatility, and the worst month.

Alpha impact is also one of the few companies that have received investment from Antler Accelerator. To win the favor of Antler, Alpha Impact built a road map and explored scalable business. Alpha has already beaten many competitors by continuously polishing its business strategies.

How to expand the scale of the digital market?

To improve and expand the market, Hughes said they plan to start from availability and consider personalized investors when assessing risks. Alpha Impact will explore the possibilities of expanding the market and allowing more people to access digital asset transactions, such as increasing the number of people who own digital currencies from 15% to 30%.

Alpha Impact allows people to use their analog accounts to participate in the simulated trading competitions held by the platAlpha Impact: Increase the democratization of digital asset transactions.

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