What is the Harmony (ONE)?
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What is Harmony (One)?
Refinable The Future Market of NFT | Human & Machine

What is Harmony (ONE)?

October 21, 2021

Bitcoin continues to set new records as more and more people are becoming interested in using this type of digital asset. However, for beginners, Bitcoin is not easy to learn. This is where Refinable comes in. Refinable is one of the popular projects in the global NFT field based in Hong Kong.  The main difference between refinable and other NFT markets is that aside from it being based on Binance Smart Chain, users can also track asset records on it.

Refinable founder Nick Chan said they were able to quickly establish Refinable in the market in three months. Its main advantages lie in the following three points:

  • Founders get a lot of support
  • Keeps Ethernet the Fang ecosystem provide new products
  • Support various types of media files to run on smart contracts

Focus on user experience

The main reason Chan built the company was to use the power carrying capacity and convenience of the Binance Smart Chain that will provide affordable and convenient choices.  Chan said that blockchain and NFT have huge market potential. For now, the focus of the project is to establish the product interface and optimize the NFT experience and make NFT concepts easier to understand by the users.  Nick believes that NFT is a unique identification system that can identify anything to attach to the world.

Challenges and opportunities

One of the challenges of NFT in the market is that it is difficult to price. The value of NFT is based on the community. Therefore, the most valuable NFT must be the one with a strong community.

Understanding NFT is not easy for ordinary audiences. Even the terms professionals use in NFT when explaining concepts are confusing, making this one of the obstacles for beginners who want to enter this field.

Chan’s team found that although Refinable is a platform for users, the platform organizers cannot review the content on the platform. So the company decided to decentralize the review system to ensure that it is accountable to users so that users can helo the platform maintain a positive community.

Refinable’s ecological construction

Refinable shareholders can increase their display opportunities by collecting fine token transactions or investing in goods they want to sell or display. In addition, if the shareholders hold or find online trackers, they can get some membership benefits such as lowering the commission rate and increasing the transaction limit. They can also vote on upgrades or features of the Refinable ecosystem.

The future of the NFT industry

NFT will promote global online transactions in the next five In addition,  years. Chan believes that at that time, Refinable can become formal and may even be comparable to Amazon.

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